Hey y’all!  So glad you are here.

I would love for you to join me on this journey of building grateful nests rooted in Him, to become a Nest Builder (I need that printed on a tee shirt).

Together we’ll walk through finding our extraordinary in our every day, walking around lives. Gratitude will begin to change your mundane, eating, sleeping, going-to-work life, into the miraculous. Every single part of your world will be transformed.

And I know because I’ve lived it.

Once you sign up, two printables of our blog life verse (I’m making that a thing) Colossians 2:7 will show up in your inbox.

Mine is hanging in my kitchen next to my Great Great Grandmother Hattie Lou’s apron.

Once you sign up, you can expect to get a new post from me every Monday morning. There might be family pictures occasionally, too. Because my kids are super cute. But you’ll also receive things like our A Grateful Easter study guide and, coming in the fall, a new devotional on our Three Steps to Building a Grateful Nest. And the best part, we’ll be able to chat with one another!

What you will not get is a junk.  I need absolutely zero additional emails to delete every day.

Or, if you’re like my mother, not delete and just let that notification number rise indefinitely like some sort of heathen.

I promise to be respectful of both your reading time and your unread email numbers.

Only good, encouraging, focused content to help you build a life rooted in our Savior and overflowing with thankfulness.

We’re gonna need each other.

Sign up!  Let’s start building together!

I will confess, I know nothing about fonts and text boxes and overlays but, thankfully, Hannah at We Lived Happily Ever After does.  She created tutorials and fonts and the most adorable graphics all free of charge.  Bless her.  She deserves the credit. 

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