Gratitude Friday: Mothering…

Gratitude Friday

I promise it did not go unnoticed that the last two posts described the opposite personalities of my children.

The Ying and Yang of life.


Although, in reality, they are not all that opposite all the time.  Sometimes, absolutely.  But these days, they are generally both happy, sad, frustrated, mad, disappointed and excited with equal gusto.

My son had an EPIC meltdown a couple of weeks ago.

Because I refused to cook him pancakes at three in the afternoon.

I mean.  Clearly, I am evil.

He got them for dinner instead.  But in THAT MOMENT, he was zero percent interested in waiting three more hours for dinner time.  Nope.  Either he was gonna get them RIGHT THIS MINUTE or lose his ever-lovin’ mind.

So while his personality can be mostly described as “positive,” he’s still a growing little guy.  Figuring out how to handle the immense disappointment of a pancake-free snack time.

I think it’s safe to say, we have all felt that level of disappointment.

Regardless of how different my kids are (and that level is VERY), I am incredibly grateful for those differences.

I am experiencing the JOY of four-year-olds with my son.  What I missed with my daughter, God has redeemed and given me with him.  He’s still rather picky about clothing but not for the same reasons as Pumpkin.  He prefers Super Heroes to be on basically everything he wears.  Every day.  But thanks to my daughter, I care NOT AT ALL.  Wear all the Super Heroes you want, Skillet.


The flip-side, I am LEARNING more and more about the world and the emotions in it from my daughter.  She comes home every day with stories about the other kids.  How they behaved during the day but also how that behavior made that person feel, the people around feel and the teacher feel.  It’s astounding.

Children teach us.  Sometimes by asking questions.  Sometimes by showing us their view of the world.  Sometimes by reflecting us through their actions.

What a privilege it is to mother children.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of my daughter and my son.


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