These Are the Days I Will Miss, But Not Those…

Every now and again, one of those memes or viral posts sentimentalizing the baby years comes floating through my social media newsfeeds. You know the ones…. “You’ll miss those baby years one day, Momma.” “The days are long but the years are short.” “My baby just left for college so let me tell you how

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Gratitude Friday: In the Delighting, Deliverance…

The past two Sundays, the kids and I have attended my childhood church with my parents. I lovingly refer to it as “Fancy Church.” Though Dad says it’s gotten pretty casual these days. He says, “I don’t wear a suit and tie anymore. Just khakis and my sportscoat.” The music minister apologetically joked about being

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Gratitude Friday: The Hard Right on I-20…

Last Thursday, we did something we’ve never done as a family. Took a right-hand turn off I-20 in Jackson, Mississippi. And if you are not now hearing Alabama singing, “In Jackson, Mississippi” from Merry Christmas Dixie then we cannot be friends. Once we exited I-20 (which might just be the most beautiful three words in the South),

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