Gratitude Friday: Holding on for You…

While sitting at the indoor bounce house place this week, listening to a podcast, and enjoying the 90 minutes of time to myself, I got a message from a friend. She’s in the middle of the two-week-wait (TWW) (infertile lingo) and in need of prayers. We chatted back and forth, I added her test to

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Gratitude Friday: Go Back the Way You Came…

Last week, I learned a valuable lesson. 40-somethings probably shouldn’t be racing their six-year-old at the trampoline park. Ankles tend to give and tendons get torn and ligaments pop and moms offer Oscar-worthy performances while waiting for husbands to cart them to ERs. Sigh. Unlike my fall while I was running, I opted not to google “death

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These Are the Days I Will Miss, But Not Those…

Every now and again, one of those memes or viral posts sentimentalizing the baby years comes floating through my social media newsfeeds. You know the ones…. “You’ll miss those baby years one day, Momma.” “The days are long but the years are short.” “My baby just left for college so let me tell you how

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